Seems a reasonable time to emerge and make a quick note about the USMNT’s 2-1 win against Jamaica last night, sealing the first Gold Cup for the Yanks since 2013. I didn’t get an opportunity to watch most of the tournament, but from all accounts it was an otherwise less than noteworthy three weeks, capped with an unexpectedly exciting final.

The US and Mexico managed to dodge each other for the third straight tournament, which, whatever – both Bruce Arena and Juan Carlos Osorio predictably went with second (and arguably third) string squads, respectively.

It’s over! Arena adds another piece of hardware to his cabinet, Jozy and Nagbe look great, and Jordan Morris managed to grab some redemption with his game winning goal. As with any tournament, it’s tempting to draw conclusions on how this team shapes up moving forward, but for now, I’m resisting the urge.1 The continent lurches ever forward.

  1. Can we take a moment, however, to mention that the US has yet to lose under Arena (or, during the Trump administration, if you enjoy non-causative coincidences)?

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